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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  August 21, 2011 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> tucker, did you get some kind of award? >> i won for gal gal lent tree. >> i believe that, actually. >> is that some family thing? >> no, it is something -- ♪ when is tim geithner going to get here. tee time is there in five minutes y. is there a fox news. >> you made a deal with governor huckabee. he agreed not to run against you. >> when did i agree to >> a few months ago. you put it off. all right. get it over with. i have tee time in five minutes. see who is on the huckabee show. danold trump. great.
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didn't huck say he would mack a better treasury secretary than my guy tim githe githe. what else report on. grading me on the economy, my vacation? they are going to kill me. deal - is off. let huckabee run. i am not doing it anymore. timmy, just in time. ♪ ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> mike: thank you very much . what a great audience we have got and welcome to huckabee from the fox ews studio in new york city. i like music a whole lot and you know we use music on the show and so tonight, i thought i would give you the weekend news, but i am doing it from help with favorite songs if
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you thought the stock market had a bad week it was nothing compared to the past week for president obama. he had such grand plans that were supposed to be intended to be something special. ♪ ♪ traveling salvation show. >> mike: yes, brother love traveling salvation show was the attempted approach on the bus tour and despite tanking job numbers the u.s., taxpayers bought a couple of buses from a canadian company. ♪ >> mike: the magic bus . mitt romney called it the magical misery tour. ♪ every day is a winding road. >> m ike: and it was certainly a winding road for the president out there, but even though he had bumps, he traveled all over the upper midwest. ♪ he was a bus rider for a few
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days out there and even so he took heat from the black congressional caucus because he neglected to hit the hard hit areas like detroit. ♪ you will share my umbrella. >> mike: that was one of his bus stops he did make. his bus stop in places where the job numbers were not so bad as the national average. ♪ country road. >> mike: he likes the country road and steamed to be better for him. he said he had a plan and going to get right on it. ♪ i am in a hurry to get things done. >> mike: he seems to be in a hurry but not until he jetted off to martha vine yard for a couple. ♪ ♪ in the summer sun. >> mike: indeed what a vacation he's having.
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some people are upset about it. but he said he earned. ♪ i'm hard working man. >> mike: i don't doubt that a bit. hard working on the vacation on lovely marketa's vineyards there are lines forming in major u.s. cities, people applying for a yob and his message was clear. ♪ don't you worry about a thing. >> mike: i am sure they are not worried about a thing standing in the hot sun waiting for a job that may not materialize. the president promised fot to forget them in the golf outings and ice cream. ♪ i'm going to soak up the sun. >> mike: and soak up the sun he has out there on his vacation. i realize there were republicans who had a different message for the president. ♪ get back, get back ♪ get back to where you once belonged. >> mike: they were trying to
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tell him to get back to dc and get back to taking care of business and figuring out to get the jobs going. but he had other plans. ♪ ♪ took me away. >> mike: new england is calling. some members of congress agreed to hurry back to dc on a job's plan and found out when they got back there, the president. ♪ was already gone. >> mike: yes, he was already gone to martha's vineyard and the get away seemed to be a wonderful holiday for the president. ♪ i'm perfect day. >> mike: a perfect day and perfect vacation and everything going swimmingly well despite the grief he is take being the liberals. his reaction.
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♪ oh, why don't you stay a little bit longer. >> mike: yes, indeed why not stay just a little bit longer. look, i don't personallyy begruge a president time off, but it would be better if he didn't leave things like. ♪ that's what the word is today. >> mike: a ball of confusion. that is what the world is today, mr. president. that's my view. if you want to tell me yours go to mikehuckabee.comand click on the feed back symbol and if you want to suggest songs that we should have included feel free. the president said he will reveal his new economic plan when he gets back. but the details of the proposal are being leaked. here to break down how it
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affects you. we welcome back charlie gasprino. charlie when things leak, i know enough. >> guest: i want it to leak to me. >> mike: it is a planned attempt to float balloons and see what kind of reaction he gets. there were 7 different things. one thing he suggested was he will propose public works project to fix up old road and rails. >> guest: i heard that two years ago. >> mike: we did. it is called the stimulus. i called it the porkulus plan. >> guest: new old plan that the president is bringing out. i will say this. the first one failed miserably and transfers to states to money to keep burrcrats employed and we need infrastructure and you know how valuable it is to help the infrastructure and economy.
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when you look at record of infrastructure spending versus tax cuts. there is a reason why we had the great depression. roosevelt did that and the depression lasted until world war ii. >> mike: he proposed to expand the existing deductions for the pay roll tax. >> guest: it is a net positive. everybody will have a few bucks and they will spend it and it is temporary and gone. listen, the people are not spending and employers not employing. why are businesses sitting on billions upon billions of cash? why? they are worried about regulations and higher taxos them. that's the way you get people back it work. you get businesses to put people to work. >> mike: modifying unemployment benefits . what does that do for job creation? >> guest: it is good if you are out of work. you get more money on
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unemployment. if you want to create enough jobs to get unemployment in a manageable level. i don't think one person out of work is manageable. you think about getting it down to 7-6 . give businesses incentives to hire and they are not incentives. >> mike: it is a better thing to pay people to work and not pay people to not work. they will decide not working is not a bad idea. >> guest: i rather work. >> mike: i hope i keep this job for a while. i know you will keep yours because you are the best in the business. later in the show, students from joplin, missouri will talk about what it feels like being back in school three months after a catastrophic twister leveled everything in the town. how they are repairing music equipment and deinating musical instruments. donald trump is next. [applause]
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>> mike: critics of the obama administration said he ought to fix the problem by firing treasury secretary tim geithner. i went so far recommend egg replacement. i asked donald trump to be treasury secretary. go for someone who is unorthodox. >> you are suggesting donald trutch. >> mike: have him take the job for 90 days. >> mr. trump is watching, please call us. >> mike: that would be a game changer and the president needs a game changer and he doesn't have it in geithner. he probably needs a game changer and i visited with donald trump and him what he would d differently in the job. >> first of all your
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recommendation was heard all over the world. paryis engleft-handa said what a recommendation . what i do, start with chin a. they are abusing us and taking advantage of us and they are smarter than our negotiators and leaders. instead of using great business men down the street that are better than anybody. we use a diplomat and we don't use them. tell china you either behave with the manipulatation or throw a big fat tax on you . i would hope to do the tax and that would be 25 percent. it should be 41 percent. and one of two things would happen. they would immediately behave which i hope would not happen. you would start manufacturing things in our states, mike. you would be doing business in alabama and in iowa and new york and in california and
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everywhere that you just look at plants that are empty. they all moved to china and other places. but china is the number one abuser that. would be the first thing to do and strengthen up our dollar. our dollar is laughed at. we used to have the reall strength, right. today, the whole country is laughed at and we have no leadership. it is either weak or incompetent. i like to say extremely weak. it is one of the two and you know that . if i were in that position i would attack china and then go after opec big league. tremendous . they wouldn't be there except for us as you know. you have oil all over the seas and thankers don't know what to do and it is still at 85 or 90 in a almost depression. >> mike: you would push for more drilling off shore. >> off shore or on shore. you would have drilling and it
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is so hard to drill. good people in the business. they want to drill here and they can't get permits . the environmental protection agency, they make it almost impossible and i am not just talking about drilling. you want to build a project it takes years to get permits because of the environmental folks. >> mike: i want to mention. barack obama went to brazil a few months ago and said he wanted to be their best customer and talked about two billion ready to spend to get their oil. >> we are spending money to get oil from brazil and guaranteeing loans in brazil. it is incredible. the things we are doing and a friend of mine want to buy an airplane. he want to buy a three million dollar airplane. it is made in brazil. what do you mean brazil. ip am getting tax credits of a million four. >> mike: if he buys one in brazil. it is better than one built in
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kansas where beach craft and all . cessnaare trying to build . we go to brazil. >> guest: can you imagine kneting tax credits in the united states and buy in brazil. brazil is a gold mine. i ownthe miss universe pageant and they will be in brazil because brazil has lots of mon yeit is great what they are doing. you know, when i knock china hard. i am not knocking their leaders, we should do what they are doing. we should be working the system like they do. we don't have a clue. columbia. the country of columbia will make four billion. tt is small . china will make more than 300 billion on us this year. i started to look at different things. we lose to everybody . so the world looks at us as a whipping post. they look at us as stupid people. >> mike: you talk to china and
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there are instances that china cheating and building products and dumping them on the u.s. at less coast just in order to corner the market and put the american companies out of business. why don't we react. >> guest: we have not smart leaders. look at the helicopter in pakistan. china view it is the helicopter and toll our technology that we worked years on and spent billions and one fell swoop. pakistan let them view and taking pictures and measurements and they said they didn't do it and turned out they . they annoued they never saw it. it turned out to be a lie. china is a bad player and china is our enemy. well, you don't like chin a. it is not that i don't like them. i have great respect they are able to take the shirt off our leaders back. but we should be doing the same thing. we should use our best and
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brightest and we don't do that. and i am telling you mike, right out on that street, right where we are sitting. i can give you 20 business people that are so tough and so smart, and they are not nice people but who cares. they are miserable and horrible human beings. >> mike: they will fit in government. po>> guest: they wouldn't fit in government unfortunately. you take china and you take china which everyone feels sorry for japan and they are not doing so bad with their cars over here. how many japanese people buy american cars? you think three of them. >> mike: not that many. >> guest: we could take our best and brightest business people and put them against anybody in the world. we have the best in the world and we don't use them. >> mike: you are not taking the treasury secretary job and i am pretty sure he will not ask you to be the ambassador to chin a. we'll come back and do more conversation with
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do more conversation with
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>> mike: we have seen wild swings in the market over the last few weeks. roller coaster, how much is that is substantative and how much is sheer fear and emotional reaction. >> guest: people don't know what is going on and that is the fear. they don't know where we are going and how we are going to get there and they are concerned that our leaders have no clue. i am not just blaming the president. if you look at the house and senate, they set up a committee. i don't know i watch your show all of the time and i never got your view on the committee. i think it is ridiculous. >> mike: that is absurd.
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you have -- that's why you elect members of congress. you don't need a subcongress. >> guest: people are concerned and the world is concern thad the united states is not doing what they have always historically long and the world is starting to crator other than saudi arabia and abudabi . many of the tenants in my building. one good thing, i know i will get the rent. that's the good news. but if you look at china and money that is made and greatest accumulation of wealth in the history of the world. their streets are paved with gold and you look at united states. our hoyce are falling apart and our bridges are falling down and we are like a third world country. you go to the la guardia airport and go to kennedy and lax and los angeles airport. i mean, they are like third world countries. it is really sad. especially i travel a lot. i have no choice i don't want
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to and i land in some of the most incredible. >> mike: you land better. >> guest: i land okay. >> mike: trump jet with a name on the side. >> guest: built in the usa. >> mike: unlike obama's bus. >> guest: i don't know if that is his fault or not. >> mike: it is a terrible optic. grest guest he is not paying for the bus. why the united states paying for a bus that he's going out to campaign. he's campaigning in the bus. they got a couple for 2.2 million and made in canada. why doesn't he, he has a tremendous fund. he does do that well. fund raise. why don't they buy a couple of buses for two million bucks. >> mike: it would make more sense. we talk about the market. most people say dovenald trump is a rich guy. he will land on his feet.
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but what about a retired school teacher that person need to worry in >> guest: yes, if you look at medicare and medicaid and everyone want to cut social security and extend the age . a lot of different things. i have to be honest and i don't know how you feel about i have been disappointed in, i am a republican and i am disappointed at what is going on in the republican party. the one thing that obama wanted in the last negotiation is he wanted to have the end result come after the election. if it came before. this mess happened before the election he was not chance and he got it. that is a huge factor and you would have thought that romney and especially the people and republicans wouldn't have allowed that to happen. look at the lame duck session. obama was gone and it was over and he was never going pamake it. he is the rising phoenix.
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republicans allowed him to come back. i think that paul ryan should have relaxed instead of attacking medicare and medicaid right here in new yorkitate and right up about a miles in buffalo, you have a republican district with a popular republican woman could not have lostt. she embraced the paul ryan plan and got wiped out by somebody no one heard of before. i meanings, the republicans are making so many bad, it is really, really very dangerous and scary in terms of the party. >> mike: one more question at you. i think a fascinating story. howard shelt said he's with holding all political contribution and a heavy democrat donor and because of their disgust with the process and lack of any reall solution they are with holding. you think that is real and a good kind of example for other ceo's and people to follow and
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say we will not fund you guys if you don't get something done. >> guest: howard joseph and i have a nice tar bucks in trump tower and he does well with it . i watched him say that and i believe he was a big democratic supporter and i think he is disgust a think a lot of people are disgusted n all fairness. they are disgusted with the republicans. where i am upset with republicans they allow obama back in the game . one thing we can't have happen is obama to get reelected whether it is lame duck or paul ryan catastrophe. i think he is a bad chess player. it was not his move. it was the president's move and they keep allowing this gentleman to come back in the game and if it keeps going he will be reelected president and that will not be good for the country. >> mike: if you do decide to get back in you are welcome to
12:29 am
make the announcement back on the show. >> guest: boy. you may be a great running mate. >> mike: maybe i could be the press secretary. >> guest: it was a lot of fun. >> mike: donald trump is not thrilled about president obama's performance and we'll grade his handling of the economy with a fair and balanced panel on the report card when we come back. [applause] you go next if you had a
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we'll immediately get you back to huckabee. >> and school is about to start and with it, you know what comes? report cards and americans are not giving president obama a passing grade. here is a new gall up poll showing that 71 percent of the americans disapprove of obama's handling on the economy . handing out the grapeds. associate pressor carolyn helman former advisor to hillary clinton and david web
12:34 am
co-founder of tea party live and welcome to all of you. carolyn i am getting started with you in the la bureau. talk about president obama on the campaign trail and also taking a little vacation when a lot of people are saying he ought to be on the job looking for jobs. give the president a grade if you will. >> i will give him a b, governor. when president's go on vacation they are always working and a lot of people were critical of george w. bush and the number of vacation days he put. that is a distraction and they are always work why they age in office . when it comes to the economy, i think his job's plan so far have created around three million jobs . the president didn't get us in this mess. wall street got us in to the mess. >> mike: this is a figure that escapes me. we say jobs. how do we know?
12:35 am
that to me is a nebulous tirm. >> guest: the congressional budget office has sophisticated equations that they use and gran granted they are projections and the best ones we have. i think that president obama should have released the job's report during the debt ceiling debate to show what a national distraction that partisan wrangling was. he's doing the best job he can. >> mike: i want to ask in your state california unemployment rate is at 12 percent. and four and half million californians are out work. are you satisfied with the president is on top of this? >> guest: i don't think the people hold responsibility. >> mike: they have been holding george bush. >> guest: i think we should hold wall street responsible. they got us in the mess the can't get us out of.
12:36 am
>> mike: how much do you agree with and what is your grade for president obama on the jobs versus the vacation issue. >> guest: i agree with her. i give him a bplus because after the tea party and the republicans in the house put us through. he has to have a vacation. >> mike: what did they put us through. >> guest: taking us to the brink of default and having the s&p downgrade us which was a result of that nightmare? >> mike: it is their fault. >> guest: they contributed more than the president did. for taking us to that situation. >> mike: they wanted cap and balance. >> guest: i think he has having the right psyche and discontent from the far left and far right . that means he's doing something right. i don't think there is a lot of other politician with that type of temperament that could with stand all of the attacks. >> mike: david take both of them to school.
12:37 am
>> guest: i brought my red pin and lots of red ink. 942 since we have had budget. that is irresponsible . november 2010 elections. [applause] >> guest: that is not enough for the tea party to have an affect. i want to point out a key fact. i like the facts as they are. new york times report that is david olf and william dally want him to appeal to independent by advocating deals. even if they may not have much expect. they are in election mode and i give the president a d and only reason he doesn't an f he hasn't completed his term yet and that would be unfair to great him for -- grade him for that. >> mike: rick peryejohn huntson. rick perry called it scientific theory that is not
12:38 am
theory and john hunts man said i believe in evolution and trust scientist. call me crazy. was that a smart move for a republican to say in south carolina. >> guest: i have to give hunts man a c for crazy. if he thinks he will win by tweeting, he's way off. this has a huge impact. he has more retweets and he doubled the traffic on his website. but the republican primary is controlled by people in the right. >> mike: david? >> making the agreement for the tweet. to get traffic and that's what hunts man did. it is his po. not a story there. >> mike: and caroline. hunts man and perry. >> i would grade perry a d. he's far away from the reality base community. i think he is zero for three calling bernanke a traitor and
12:39 am
global warm evolution issues and i would give hunts man an a. this man he's not going to get the republican nomination, at least he's making sense and not so far off base in trying to appeal to extremist. >> mike: we'll let him see what he said about that on our show. thank you very much and always a pleasure to be here with us. thanks for being here for the report card. >> mike: coming up next, their community was almost destroid by a massive f-5 tornado. the people are determined to rebuild and started by opening rebuild and started by opening the doors of a make shift high also get a free flight. you know that comes with a private island. really? no. it comes with a hat. you see, airline credit cards promise flights for 25,00miles, but... [ man ] there's never any seats for ,000 miles. frustrating, isn't it? but that won't happen with the capital one venture card. you can book any airline anytime. hey, i just said that.
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>> mike: for millions of kids it is time to back to school. that means supplis and trading in long lazy afternoons for homework. one town back to school means a lot more. kids cheering the first day of school . this year for the children of joplin missouri. the city that they called home looked like this. the single most deadly tornado on record devastated joplin
12:44 am
and taking the lives and leaving thousands of now residents. one of the students hit the hardest was 17 year old high school football captain quentin anderson. >> my mom let the dogs inside and i saw the sky and something hit my. he miraclously survived but his parents died. he had a shattered back and broken eye socket and skin graps for his leg. for quentoin and others start of the new school year represents a small stope to the road to recovery as people continue to prove that a resilient spirit will help rebuild anything. >> mike: they join me now. quintin and rick. good to have you here. quintin, you lostt both of
12:45 am
your parent in the tornado. >> guest: yes. you were knocked out and when did you find out about the fate of your parents and how long after the tornado? >> guest: i found out in the hospital on friday. they woke me up on tuesday from the coma and my sister told me about my dad. >> mike: it was a week later before you realized what happened to your folks. >> guest: yes. >> mike: tell me about that moment when you found out. you had been in the tornado and you saw your mom trying to get the dogs in and take care of you and five-days later you get horrible news. >> guest: i don't remember much because of the medication i was on. i cried a lot from the loss of my parents. >> mike: you are living with your sister part of the time and going back to joplin yumpt are a member of the football team and you are also in the music program and tell me about how being a musician has
12:46 am
helped you to cope with the loss that most of us can't conceive for a high school student? >> guest: music is a form of art and you can express yourself in that way. there is different ways and with music you can playy and express yourself and being able to express myself with the music helps me a lot and lets me, i can play sad or happy and do all of those things and do it at the same time. >> mike: so there is a therapy involved in the music. >> guest: yes. >> mike: rick, your band program was destroyed along with the tornado and all instrument that is were lost including quentin a viola that was destroyed . what has this meant trying to put a band program back together without the instruments. >> guest: it isingment so many people jumped in. your group and rain broy and
12:47 am
people donated intruments and donated mon tow repair instruments and several of the instruments that we have that the kids will play in a bit were repaired through the money that you guys donated. >> mike: quinten tell me long term in your future and tell me what you hope for. you have been through a horrible experience and you don't seem like you are looking back ward. tell me what you see out there? >> guest: i want to continue with my education and how i do that is get my doctor in microicologist . maybe i will create cures and help thousands and hundreds of thousands of people later on in the future. >> mike: you know, i have no doubt you will do it. god must have a special purpose for you. you were spared something that your partners were not spared and you have to wonder what they would think of you today? what do you hope that they will always say about you looking down from above?
12:48 am
what do you want them to say about quinton. >> guest: that they are proud of me. from the day i was in the hospital to the day i got out. i moved so quickly in my recovery even my nurses couldn't believe it and now when i got home until now. i was released from the hospital and i had a back brace and now i - then i walked with the cane. now i walk and all that is left is the scars. >> mike: i know those are deep scars . we'll tk about those and the instruments from the joplin school band. they made a donation to get the instruments back in the hands of students and quintin will be joined by school mates and we'll playy elvis classic and tell you how you can help make music part of jop linn education once again.
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>> quintin is not only on the football team but a good viola player . joined by others . the band leader rick caster and guys, something i want to say about all of you. everyone of the students lost their homes and everything in their homes during the tornado . you know, i just find that. what a horrible thing. garrett you lost not only your home but a guitar in that, too. >> my parents bought me a new one for my birthday five months before the storm and we found it neck was nap broken
12:53 am
beyond repair. >> and shauna you lost the entire household. none of you were injured. >> no. >> and same thing for you and you. nathan when that happened was music a important part of putting your life back together. >> yes throughout the summer on facebook the band leader would update everyone to when band camp was and how many instruments we got and when we have the events . it was a good constant in my life at that point. >> mike: you know we have helped out with the want to play fund. today every person who purchases the want to play cd. every bit of the purchase price of those cd's will go to help joplin students have instruments. here is a good reason to help kids like this.
12:54 am
go to mikehuckabee.comand click on the connector to get the cd and it is 10 dollars and the proceeds and all we get this week will go toward the joplin music program and we have something extraordinary. this is a fender guitar. american guitar. understand this is the real deal and here's what is special. it is signed by the ventures. ventures have autographed this guitar and a great value. it is on ebay. you go to mike huckabee.comand there is a connecter to go to the ebay site and it is available for auction on ebay for nine days you better hurry up get your bid in. all of the proceeds of the auction of the guitar will go to the joplin music program and help these kids get intruments back and all of their classmates like them. i asked them to join me in a brief tribute. this last week marked the
12:55 am
anniversary of his departure and his music continues to live on and we want to make sure it lives on through helping to get instrument in the hands of the kids. we'll dedicated it to the kids of joplin. can't help but falling in love. ready? one, two, three, four. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:56 am
[applause] >> mike: thank you very much and i hope you get a cd and bid on the guitar and pray for the kies as they put their lives back together. one other special thing. you know, this is important. i realize that you know, we had a unfortunate situation with your viola that got lost and this is one that is yours now . you will get to take it home. [applause] you will get rid of the old one we rented for you and quintin. i hope you know we appreciate the opportunity to be able to give that to you . maybe it will be a reminder and by the way, garrett since you lost a bass guitar. i can't let that go untouched.
12:57 am
we are replacing your bass guitar and you will get a brand new one and courtesy of the fund . before we have to leave the show. we have nice thing to give these kid and wish them well. thank you for joining us. until next week. from new york. this is mike huckabee. good night
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